I am a retired police officer and former K-9 handler/trainer. Over the course of my career, I received several commendations and awards; many in which were related to the outstanding accomplishments and achievements while serving in the K-9 corp. My long time partner 'Ruger' retired in 2007 after serving nearly a decade by my side. He passed at the grand ole' age of 14 in 2012. Since then I knew that upon my own retirement, I would continue to pursue my passion with animals. My wife is a highly motivated individual who has dedicated her life to higher education and serving as a manager and role model in the customer service industry. Her passion to interact with people is equally compared to her passion with animals. 

     We started 'Paws on the Ground' because of the love and compassion that we have for animals and our desire to meet people who share that same belief. We will strive to demonstrate this to you as you entrust us with your beloved animal family member each and everyday that we are privileged to earn your business and trust.


Thank you for your business and support!

Lindsay and Robin Hooks

Serving Hampton and its neighboring cities
Email - PawsOnTheGround@AOL.com